Advice of the day (about car rental in Santorini)


Advice of the day (about car rental in Santorini)

December 16, 2016

Have your phone ready for photos!

I know you have just arrived, propably at the port or airport, and you are very excited about starting your holidays on this amazing island, but before you start with the rental car, take some time , walk around the vehicle, and get some photos. I would strongly recommend to focus on the bumpers first, and make sure you have a photo from every corner.

There you go! Now you have you own private file about the cars condition!

Even if Santorini is a very safe place to rent a car, and most of the companies have a very good level of services, this is something you should always do, anywhere, regardless which is the company.

Our people, at have directions to suggest this to every client!!

If any rental companies employee, seems not to be very comfortable with you having photos of the vehicle, well… that should not bother you :)) just do what you have to do !

Share this tip, if you think that its helpful , and come back for more tips and advices about Santorini, and car hire.

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