Avoid 6 Things When Renting a Car in Santorini


Avoid 6 Things When Renting a Car in Santorini

October 11, 2019

Every traveler that visits Santorini for their vacation prefer to rent a car (Car rental in Santorini). However, there are 6 things you should avoid when renting a car in Santorini. The most usual questions are the following. Please, read carefully and try to avoid them on your next visit to Santorini or any other place.

  • Do I need additional insurance?
  • Do I need to refuel the car?
  • Should I worry about phony damage claims? should I be worried?
  • Should I ask someone to be with be when I pick the car, to inspect it with him?
  • Should I pay for all the extras they offer me at the rental counter?

These questions occupy our mind every time someone rents a car. But, we are here to answer all of them! Among all your options, there are some things you don’t need to do, or even should not do, when renting a car. Below are 6 of them.

1. Prepay for Gas

  • If you are definitely sure you will return the car’s tank empty then you should not refuel it by yourself. Even if the company charges you only for fuel you actually it will certainly cost you much higher than doing it yourself.

2. Check where to Refuel on Your Way Back

  • You should decide where to refuel your rented car immediately after you pick it up. While driving away from the port or rental company, notice the local gas stations prices, and decide to which you will refuel at the end of your car rental. As you are not familiar with the roads, take advantage of your free time and choose one that is easy to find and access.

3. What does Car Rental Insurance Cover You for

  • Insurance policies can vary considerably, among different countries. You should better check with your own insurer directly. Call or email your insurer to find out right away before signing any papers.

    However, you should take into consideration that an accident in a rental car will typically raise your rates if you have to make a claim on your own insurance policy.

4. What applies with “Loss of Use” Insurance?

  • When an accident happens with a rental car, “loss of use” charges are applied to cover the potential lost. In a few words when the car is off the road for repairs it should be charged in the amount of a rental payment for that vehicle, and most auto insurance companies do not cover this fee. However, most credit cards like American Express, MasterCard, and Visa offer “loss of use” coverage.
    Check your cards terms and conditions in advance to be sure.

5. Make the best agreement for Upgrades

  • It is recommended, especially when it is high season and there is lack of low-priced cars, to make an agreement for a bigger car with free or affordable upgrades due to inventory management issues.

    If the car rental company asks for a bigger car, just answer that it depends on the price! You never know what magic may happen!

6. Inspect the Rented Car Before Leaving

  • Before picking the rented car, you should check it inside and out for damages. If you see any scratches, scuffs, broken parts you should immediately inform the agent. You should also check the windows, the mirrors and anything that might has a problem.

    For your best protection take photos or a slow video around the car.

Santorini Car Rentals is a responsible company to rent a car for your vacations. There is a car for everyone! Either you travel as a couple, family, group of friends, or solo, you can always find a car that fits your desires. Car rental in Santorini, is the best solution, for your days on the island of Santorini.

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