Car Rental in Akrotiri


Car Rental in Akrotiri

Akrotiri is located on the western end of Santorini island. It is one of the island must see places, that really worths your visit. We mention some reasons why, and how car rental in Akrotiri is a very good idea:

The famous red beach

  • The volcanic rocks give a deep red color to the beach unlike any other. That is the main reason for the place’s popularity. People love to come here and enjoy a day under the sun, and get some really cool pictures. To get there you have to walk down a narrow path that starts from the main road, for about 20 minutes, which is really worth it .

The archeological site

  • Akrotiri kept this hidden secret for about 36 centuries! The excavations, (that are still taking place today), revealed under tones of volcanic ash, a whole bronze age prehistorical city. A vivid civilization, commercially connected with the Minoan Crete, the Greek mainland, and the north coasts of Africa, used to exist here. You should definitely visit the site, which is not far from the red beach.

The light house

  • Built by the French light house company in 1892, is one of the oldest in Greece. It became really popular, mostly because of it’s remote location that offers panoramic views of the aegean sea. It’s a great place to watch the sunset from, in pivacy.

The village of Akrotiri

  • It’s a great place to explore on foot. In the old part of the village you can still see some 18th century buildings, and small white churches.

Best fish taverns

  • In the area you can also find some of the islands best fish taverns, usually right by the sea, where the local people use to go.

Great views of the caldera

  • Another advantage here, is that there are not too many buldings, and you can enjoy great views of the caldera, the aegean seavineyards provide unique views for miles.

car rental in akrotiri

How to get here

By local bus from Fira, a taxi, or your own Santorini rental car

Akrotiri offers some of the best hotels and villas of Santorini. If you have a hotel booked here, or if you just plan a visit to explore the area, your best option would be to rent a car. This kind of transport will allow you to really discover what Akrotiri has to offer, as the buses routes are limited, and a taxi ride to every different spot would cost many times more the daily rental rate.

Why Rent a car in Akrotiri with us?

Our licensed by G.N.T.O., and Greek Authorities company, can deliver any of our well cleaned and maintained cars in all the hotels, villas, and airbnb’s in the area free of charge ! You can either book on line, or just call us, and our representative will meet you at your convenience. For last minute requests, always depending on availability, we are able to deliver our cars in Akrotiri within just 20 minutes !

Our internet Santorini rent a car rates, are really cheap, and usually even up 30% less than other companies. Having a rental car for your whole stay can reduce your holiday expenses a lot. Our company can also offer free drop off at the new port of Athinios or at the airport (JTR) , making things even easier! On top of that, we can offer without any extra charges child seats, booster seats, additional driver, road assistance and a 24/7 emergency help line. Our flexible insurance options can guarantee a worries free experience.

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