Frequently asked Santorini rent a car questions (faq)

While searching online for car hire services in Santorini island Greece, there might be some things that you don’t know. We try to offer as much information as possible in this FAQ page, ( frequently asked questions about Santorini rent a car ) . This is what people ask the most, and we update our answers whenever we receive new questions.

  • How old do I have to be in order to rent a car in Santorini ?

The driver should be between 23 and 70 years old . It is possible though to rent a vehicle even if you are younger, or older with a small additional fee. Our reservations department will inform you about that. It is not possible to rent a car in any case if the driver is not at least 21 years old.

  • What kind of drivers license do I need in order to be able to drive in Santorini ?

Your country’s license should be OK. It doesn’t necessarily have to be international, but please contact for more details, as for some non European visitors an International driving permit is required (together with the driving license ) For all European citizens their local drivers license is OK

  • How long must I have a drivers license before I can rent a car in Santorini ?

You must have a valid drivers license for at least one year.

  • Do i need a credit card to rent a car with you?

No you don’t ! We are the only company that does not require a credit card from clients! (please note that a credit card is only required if you rent a Mini Cooper Cabrio or an SUV, and do not select additional insurance )

  • Are the taxes included in your rates? Even the local taxes ?

Yes , our rates include all kind of taxes.

Yes , you can collect the car at the airport of Santorini. There is not an extra charge. Our people will wait for you at arrivals, holding a sign with your name. You can rent a car at Santorini airport directly.

  • Can I collect the car at the ferry port of Santorini (Santorini Athinios new port) ?

Yes, you can rent a car directly at Santorini Athinios new port. There is not an extra charge. Our people will wait for you when you arrive with the car of your choice.

  • Can I collect the car at my Santorini hotel?

Yes, you can collect the car at your hotel. During reservation process select as pick up location Santorini hotel, and in the details just provide the name of the hotel. Please note that if your hotel or villa is not accessible by car (as many hotels on the cliffs ) we can meet you at the nearest possible place that the car can come. In that case we provide all the details in advance.

  • What happens if I have any problem with the car on the island of Santorini?

We make sure that our cars are in excellent condition, so that you don’t have any problems. In any case, (a flat tire for example) we have a 24 hour help line, and our stuff is ready to help you 24/ 7.

  • Can I collect the car any time?

Yes, you can collect the car anytime . Our rent a car service is 24/7 .

  • Are the roads in Santorini, in good condition?

Yes, the roads on the island are in good condition.

  • Can I park anywhere on Santorini island?

There are free parking places everywhere, so parking is not a problem.You can not park where you see “no perking ” signs.

  • What is the speed limit in Santorini?

The speed limit is 60 klms per hour, in open roads. When you are driving in villages or near people you have to drive a lot more slowly. There are signs that indicate speed limit as well.

  • Do i need to pay a deposit in order to make a reservation?

During the booking process, you do not need to pay anything. Depending on your pick up location, sometimes a small deposit might be required in order to confirm your reservation. In that case you shall receive an email shortly after you complete your booking. The small deposit is deducted from your total, for example if your reservation cost is 60 euro, and you pay a 20 euro deposit in advance, then you just pay 40 euro when you collect your car.

  • Do i get a refund in case of cancellation?

As prepayment is not required, the only amount you might have to pay before your arrival is the small deposit in order to confirm your booking. This deposit is fully refundable if you cancel your booking up to 48 hours before your arrival (pick up date and time )

  • What happens if the airline cancels my flight? will i get back my deposit ?

In that case, even if that happens last minute, we shall refund your deposit 100%, as part of our flexible policy

  • What if my flight / ferry changes, or if it’s very late?

If your flight or ferry is late, our people will still wait for you. There is nothing to worry about. As we monitor flights and ferries, we shall contact you anyway. Please note, that this is one of the reasons we need your arrival flight number, or the name of your boat. If your arrival changes for another day, please contact us the soonest possible in order to modify your booking.

  • Can i cancel last minute? Do i get back my deposit in that case?

We can not accept last minute cancellations, and unfortunately we can not refund your deposit in that case.

  • What is the excess amount for a car like the Mini Cooper Cabrio or the SUVs?

If you choose C.D.W insurance, the excess would be 800 euro, while with the S.C.D.W. insurance the excess would be 400 euro

  • Do you hold a security deposit if i rent a car with you ?

No, we do not hold any security deposit from our clients ( except for models: Mini Cooper Cabrio / Automatic comfort SUV Karoq )

  • I have a USA license. Do i need an International driving permit too, if i want to rent a car in Santorini?

Yes . An international driving permit, together with your country’s license, is required by local authorities in order to be able to drive in Greece.

  • From which countries is an International driving permit required in order to rent a car in Santorini?

Visitors from U.S.A., Canada, Australia, China, India, Singapore, Hong Kong,Taiwan, Malesyia, Argentina, and some more. Our people from reservation department, will inform you anyway when a reservation is placed. All European citizens do not need an International driving permit.

  • How much does it cost to hire a car in Santorini ?

The price depends on the car type, the season (high or low) and the days of rental. For renting a small car the rate  can be between 14 and 38 euro per day.

  • How much does fuel cost in Santorini ?

The price per litre is about 1,6 euro at the moment, but is reported to be up to 1,8 over time

  • Should i rent a car in Santorini ?

Yes, its safe, relatively cheap and a good way to explore the island.

  • What type of car should i rent in Santorini ?

The car that fits your needs, and a car that you feel comfortable to drive. For example if you usually drive automatic, you should rent an automatic car.

  • Are taxis expensive in Santorini ?

Compared to the mainland, taxis in Santorini are more expensive. A 15 klm taxi ride will cost you about 20 euro.

  • Is there a public bus service in Santorini ?

Yes, Santorini has a public bus service. The main bus station is in Fira. Buses are reported to be often late or over crowded, especially in the high season. In the low season, the service is better.

  • Can i rent a car in Fira Santorini old port?

Unlike what many people might think, that is not possible for the simple reason that there is not any road going down to Fira port. This place is exclusively used for cruise ships passengers. Cruise ship passengers can collect their cars after they go up to Fira, most usually with the cable car.

  • Can i rent a car without credit card?

Most companies will require a credit card for car rental. We are maybe the only Santorini rent a car company that does not require a credit card.

  • Is it safe to rent a car in Santorini ?

It is very safe for experienced drivers, provided of course that traffic regulations are followed. Much safer than renting any other type of vehicle.

  • Is it easy to drive in Santorini?

Driving in a Greek island is easier than driving in a big city like Athens for example. Less traffic . On the other hand, the roads are narrow, and the roads do no have enough lights at night. If you are an experienced driver, and your rental car is in a good condition, ( good lights, brakes e.t.c.), driving in Santorini is rather easy, as long as you rent the same type of car that you usually drive.

  • How much does it cost to rent a car for a week in Santorini?

That depends on the season, and the type of vehicle. For small size economy cars, it can be from 98 euro to 245 euro .

  • What is the cheapest car type you can hire in Santorini ?

The cheapest rental car is type small / economy with manual transmition

  • Is it worth renting a car in Santorini ?

A rental car is for sure a great way to discover all the interesting and beautiful places of the island. Far cheaper than using taxis, a lot easier than waiting for buses. Not to mention that it’s also much safer during the covid situation. For short or longer stays, most people will agree that it’s worth it.

If you have any other question regarding your car rental in Santorini, please contact us, and we’ll answer the soonest possible. Thank you.

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