Local Products of Santorini

Santorini island Greece, is an island with volcanic soil , that never had a lot of water. Everything that grows in Santorini, survives thanks to the humidity. Santorini products come in small quantity, but of unique quality and taste… Famous Santorini grapes, gives Santorini wines excellent quality and taste. Santorini cherry tomatoes are well known all around the world, they are small, and very tasty. Together with Santorini fava beens, white eggpants, and katsounia (local variety of cucumber), are the most famous Santorini products. While you are in Santorini, try to taste as much as possible of these products as they are very hard to find usually..They can be found in local little markets in every village, or served at restaurants. They cant be found usually in big super markets.




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