Marina Vlychada Santorini car rental


Marina Vlychada Santorini car rental

Marina Vlychada Santorini car rental

Santorini car rental Marina Vlychada

You are coming to Santorini on a sailing boat, and you need to rent a Santorini car to explore the island. You can choose you rented car either to be delivered to you upon arrival, at the port of Santorini Marina Vlychada or the main port of Santorini.

With us it is easy. We can meet you at the Marina Vlychada port and deliver your rental car there. We can also collect it from the same place when you are about to leave. All that free of charge. We also accept last minute reservations for your Santorini car. From the moment you call or email us, we can meet you in 15 minutes, so you do not waste any time and start enjoying Santorini!

Why visit Vlychada in Santorini?

Vlychada in Santorini, is a place of unique elegance. The area is popular primarily for the black sand beach, surrounded by uncommon land formations, carved by the wind and the rainfall throughout the years.

The beach has actually come to be a preferred area for wedding professional photographers, as the land formations contrasting the deep blue of the sea as well as the black sand, offer fantastic background for photos.

Here you can locate a couple of little restaurants and a few areas for coffee and snacks. There are only a few umbrellas and sun beds, leaving the largest part of the beach in its natural beauty.

If you stroll along for a few minutes you will be able to discover an area just for you, which is not that typical for a busy island like Santorini. The waters are clear, and as Vlychada lies at the south part of Santorini, you can appreciate the sun until sunset.

Vlychada is a best location if somebody wishes to invest a day or a couple of hours on the beach. The roadway takes you exactly on the beach and there is a location for parking if you are driving a Santorini rental car.

The small port of Marina Vlychada

Near the beach, there is a marina, in which numerous sailing boats get here daily. There is no transport by bus, in between Vlychada and other villages of Santorini, and this place is another good reason why renting a car is the very best way to get around Santorini. By renting a car, you can really enjoy Santorini to the fullest.

The road to Marina Vlychada is narrow and curved, so you must drive carefully. Do not follow any type of dust roads in the area, as you may get stuck.

If you are staying in a resort in Vlychada area, or you accommodate on a sailing boat, you will soon understand that a rental car can be very useful. As the bus connection is not regular in any way, and also hiring taxis can be really pricey. Booking a Santorini car rental can be rather a money saver.

By having your own rental car, you are totally free to go anytime anywhere, without wasting hrs at the bus stops. If you make a decision to rent a car, we can book the car that fits your needs to your hotel, or at Marina Vlychada port, with no additional fee. Even for hourly reservations, if for example you choose to get a vehicle after your morning meal, or after you arrive with your sailing boat, we can typically deliver our cars in about 15 minutes, from the time we get your request!

What are the most frequently asked questions concerning renting a car in Vlychada?

Can you provide a car here? Is there an extra cost?

  • The majority of companies cannot supply cars in this area. We can certainly provide our cars in this area, and without extra charge. We can actually deliver your rental car to your resort or the marina area.

How long do we have to wait after we book the car?

  • If you have arranged a meeting point, the car will certainly be at the agreed location at the time seen on your confirmation. If you book a car only for hours, you will have to wait for 15 mins as long as there is a vehicle readily available.

Can I discover off road places with your rental cars?

  • We strongly suggest that you shouldn’t. Mostly for your safety, as the volcanic soil of Santorini is very unpredictable. Additionally the cars might get stuck and the insurance policy may not cover you in a situation such as this. Also towing could be a problem on dust roads.

How far is Fira and Oia from Vlychada?

  • Fira (the capital of Santorini) is about 12 klms away (20 mins drive).
    Oia (the well-known town at the north side of Santorini) is 26 klms away (50 minutes drive).

Is it safe to leave my personal belongings in the car while I am on the beach?

  • Although Santorini is one of the safest islands worldwide, it is much better to comply with some basic regulations just in case. For example do not leave anything useful in your car in simple sight.

    If you leave something in a car, make use of the boot or the glove compartment, or the place under the front seats.

Other means of transportation

  • There is a bus link in between Vlychada and also Fira every 3 or 4 hrs. Places like Vlychada are truly hard to reach by public transport, and also rather pricey if you obtain a taxi.

We advice you to make your own research before arriving on the island of Santorini. We are available to discuss with you any questions you might have about renting a Santorini car.

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