Megalochori Santorini car rental

Megalochori Santorini car rental

Megalochori village in Santorini, is very quiet and traditional. It is located about 8 klms away from Fira, and 6 klms from the beaches of Perivolos, Perissa and the Red beach. If your hotel is located in Megalochori, the best way to get around and see the rest of the island is to rent a Santorini car. With a rental car you can go everyday to another beach. You can visit villages like Fira, Oia, and all the places of interest Santorini offers.

In this way you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Megalochori, and anytime you feel like it, you can drive your Santorini rental car, and go to your favourite restaurant, visit the museums, or swim in different beaches. If you decide to rent a car while you are in Megalochori of Santorini island, just email or call us, or make an online car rental reservation, and we ll deliver the car that fits your needs, to any hotel in the area with no extra charge.

Megalochori Santorini

Megalochori, is situated in the south part of Santorini, 6 klms from Athinios port, 11 klms from Santorini airport, and 8 klms from the capital of Fira. The town is surrounded by vineyards , and from certain spots you can appreciate the view right to the ocean. The town is well known for its wines. The Vinsanto wine, a one of a kind sweet red wine, dominates in Europe. The wine making is made by the local people. Most islands best wineries are situated in Megalochori. You can visit them, taste the wine and local specialities and learn about the history of these world known wines.

Megalochori has become a well known town, among travellers, as during the high season its tranquil and unwinding. You cannot reach the centre of the village by car. Discover some extremely beautiful villas and resorts among neighbourhood homes.

The little square of the village is an incredible location to have dinner, or drink your coffee. If you visit Santorini for a day trip or for your summer vacation, this village is worth visiting.

megalochori santorini car rental

Why should you Rent a Car in Megalochori, Santorini?

If you are intending to stay in Megalochori village during your vacation in Santorini, you should understand that there are public buses only to Perissa, Fira and Akrotiri. Making use of the local bus would certainly suggest waiting fairly time in the bus stop, plus the buses are usually really crowded. Booking a rental car is a very good solution, as it’s a great deal cheaper compared to taxis, as well as you get the opportunity to make your own day-to-day plans without limitations. There are constantly places to park around the town, free of charge, so car park should not be a problem.

There are at least 4 gas stations within 5-10 minute drive. If you are preparing to hire a car in Santorini, you may want to consider getting your car at your arrival from the port or the flight terminal. Having a vehicle waiting for you on your arrival, indicates that you would not have to hang around waiting for a taxi or a bus to show up, as well as you can begin your holiday without losing any time.

Arrange your rental car to be delivered in Megalochori

If you like to get your car in this place, after your arrival, we can supply our cars to your resort or suite, with no added cost. Even if you request your rental car last minute, as long as there are available cars, we can deliver it in Megalochori in a logical time from the moment we obtain your booking.

Obviously it’s better if you book your rental car ahead of time. In this area there are many lovely little villas that do not have a personal car parking, and additionally are not obtainable by cars. As mentioned above, in that case, site visitors just park a couple of meters away and then walk to their villa. If you stay in a villa in the town, we can deliver the Santorini rented car at the nearest point it can come.

Read below some frequently asked questions, regarding Santorini Car Rental

Can I just call you if I need a rented car?

  • Yes, if you are already in Megalochori, you can simply call us and we will arrive as soon as possible with the car of your choice. For last minute bookings on the phone, you do not have to pay anything until you receive your car. We have to remind you, however, that its always far better if you reserve in advance.

How do I meet you to get the rented car?

  • We can come with the rented car as near to your suite as possible. As there are a lot of car parking locations around the town, from experience we understand that it normally takes about 5 minutes walking to the meeting point. Also throughout the booking process we supply our telephone numbers that are always available to your disposal. As an alternative we can arrange that we meet you in a certain meeting point on the highway or wherever suits you.

Can I drive via the village?

  • Even if it is possible, it is not allowed. The village centre can only be seen on foot. You will appreciate that, as you can stroll along the alleys of the village far from the noise of the roadway.

Can I visit with my Santorini rental car all these small alleys?

  • It is extremely vital if you make use of GPS or Google maps, to get the right directions, apart from walking. Often people get confused and attempt to drive through areas that can just stroll to… Usually in Megalochori it is much better to stroll, in order to discover unique places. Do not think twice to ask a local for instructions if you are not sure. If you call us we will be more than happy to help you.

How often is there a bus connection?

  • There is a bus connection from Fira and Perissa every 30 minutes. Of course, it is much easier to come here with your own rental car and stay as long as you wish.

We would certainly be really satisfied to help you with any other questions you may have. Please do not be reluctant to contact us.