New website!


New website!

December 15, 2015

Our website is getting better, in order to make your car rental service in Santorini easier than ever.

When it comes to small-business advertising, an excellent website can be one of the most effective and affordable advertising channels out there. View our new website that represents your car rental services in Santorini.

What is new in our website?

We kept the design simple, fresh and unique. As the first thing we want our potential customers to see when they visit our website is the most important part of our business.

Find answers to all your questions!

  • In our main homepage you can find answers to all critical questions you might have about Santorini, including who we are, what our business is and what our services provide.

Mobile friendly new website

  • We made our website mobile friendly. We avoided creating webpages for a huge monitor dimension or pages that utilize much more complex functions such as Flash animation (Flash isn’t sustained on the Apple tools) or navigating. It is kept clean and simple for the visitors easy use.

Make your reservation easy!

  • Our visitors can clearly search for the service they need, which car or what place to make the reservation. You can also check our photographs and videos.

Quick loading pages

  • Our website is quick loading and you have not to wait at all. We make daily checks on load times, site speed, correct formatting and also update our information when necessary.

Friendly to people with special abilities

  • Moreover, we take into consideration people with certain disabilities (such as colour blindness) that might visit our site, and plan the design so that they, too, can learn about our car rental services. We try to improve most visitors experience.

Contact us to learn about our car lower rates and special offers in Santorini!!!

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