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So, you have decided that renting a car is the best solution to explore the island of Santorini. Car rental in Santorini is definitely one of the best ( if not the best ) way to get around, as well as one of the most economical, if you consider the prices of private transportation like taxis. Regardless if you booked your Santorini rental car with us ( i hope you did 🙂  ), i would like to share with you some tips, that you might find usefull !! take a minute and read the next lines. We ll add new tips in the future, as people share their thoughts and expireiences with us. So stay tuned and please tell us anything that future visitors might find usefull regarding car rental in Santorini, or any vehicle rentals, and we ll add it to our tips session !!

please share if you think our tips are helpfull 🙂

1. lets start right!  So you have booked your Santorini rental car, and its time to collect it. There is someone from the car rental company to help you with the paper work.I am sure that everything will be fine, after all Santorini is a very safe place to rent a car,but typically you should have a look around the car, and check for damages. From what i hear many people even take pictures of the car when they start their rental, which personaly i think is an excellent idea !!We encourage all our clients to get as many pictures of the car as they like iwhen we deliver our cars, i think this should be expected from any company ..

2. Get familiar with the car. Ask the people that give you the car how to reverse, how to switch on the a/c, or the cd player, or the headlights. Getting familiar with the car is very important, this  way when you drive you wont have to search for any function, but if you drive and want to look for something ( for example the a/c or stereo ) is better to stop to the side of the road and do so.

3. Dont wait till the car is completely empty to put fuel. Santorini has many gas stations operating from 08:00 to 22:00 everyday ( some of them even on sundays ), so getting fuel is easy. Make sure you have enough fuel in the tank before 21:00 just in case. Its not pleasant to see the sunset in Oia,for example, have your dinner in a nice restaurant, and then at about 23:00 or 24:00 realize that there is not enough fuel in the car to go back to your hotel..

4. Dont drive off road. Santorini is a volcanic island, and if you drive off road is very likely that the car will get stuck as a result of the wheels sink in the sand. Also is possible to lose traction which is very dangerous. The road goes everywhere, to all the places you want to see, there is no need to go offroad.

5. Dont drive on the beach ! Driving on the beach is prohibited, not to mention not possible, as the car will get stuck immediately in the volcanic sand.

6. Got stuck? For somereason, you decided to drive on the beach or offroad, and now you are stuck. The car can not be moved..what should you do? My answer is do nothing. If you try to move the car by pushing it or by accelerating you might cause a damage. Best thing to do is call the car rental company and they will help you.

7. The speed limit is 65 to 70 klms per hour on open roads and in villages there are signs indicated maximum speed.

8. Ofcource never drink and drive !!!!!

9. Start a bit earlier..When its time to leave Santorini, you might have to drive to the port or airport and return the car there. Make sure that you start a little bit earlier, just in case the road is busy.

10. You have a flat tire,? but you have never changed a tire before…In that case you should again contact the rental company, and they will help you with that ( if you choose us, we have a 24hr helpline as well..)

11. parking the car is very easy. Santorini offers free parking areas almost everywhere. It would be wise to park in signposted parking areas when you are in Fira, Oia or Kamari. There are many of them and they are all free of charge. As everywhere around the world parking is prohibited in places where there are signs indicating so.

12. Don’t let plants and bushes to touch your car ! Driving very close to some kind of bushes could scratch the colour of your rental car….

13. Your car, your responsibility..Your hotel owner or receptionist, suggests some off road adventure to a private beach, only 15 minutes drive from the main road which is not too hard to get to !…Just remember that the rental car is your responsibility ..

14. always wear your seat belts

15. stay focus on the road .. you selfie sticks while driving 🙂

more tips to come!!!!   :))))

stay tuned! your favourite car rental in Santorini  cheap safe and easy !!

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