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10 reasons to rent a car in Santorini

1. You actually save money! Car rental in Santorini, is not only the best solution, for your daily routes, but it’s also very economical. Even compared to public transportation!

2. It’s easy! You can start your rental directly from the airport, the ferry port, or your hotel.

3. You are free to set your own schedule. Seperate from group tours, and choose yourself the places you wish to visit each day. Explore, enjoy, discover…at your own pace !

4. To get to some places on the island, you just need your own car. Many interesting parts of Santorini, are away from ordinary bus routes. Little romantic restaurants, small wineries, quiet beaches, and unique spots for fotos like the lighthouse, are only some of them. You came so far….why not see everything?

5. Parking lots ( Car parks ) are free in Santorini! Don’t worry about parking fees. Free parking areas are located all over the island.

6. Be independent and flexible. Wouldn’t it be great to have your own car at the hotels parking ? Just imagine. Discover the island your own way. Find your own favourite spots, and enjoy them for as long as you like..

7. You can’t get lost in Santorini 🙂 There are signs to help you everywhere, and its really easy to get around.

8. Pick up your car here, drop it off there..So Convenient..You could collect your car in one location, and drop it off in another !

9. There is a car for everyone. ! Either you travel as a couple, family, group of friends, or solo, there is always a car to fit your needs.

10. Easy to refuel. There are many petrol stations, all over the island. All of them offer both petrol and diesel.

Why would you rent a car in Santorini? Send us your opinion!

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