Santorini Museums

Santorini Museums

For history enthusiasts, Santorini museums have exhibitions of artifacts discovered in the islands important archeological sites and excavations.

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Santorini Museums

Santorini Archaeological museum

  • It contains many artifacts from the excavations that take place on the island, amazing frescoes, and sculptures. Its located in Fira and is open daily except Monday till 15:00 (tel +30 22860 22217)

Santorini museum of prehistoric Thira

  • It hosts finds from the excavations in Akrotiri, and all the excavations that took or still take place on the island and also a wall painting exhibition. Its located in Fira, and is open daily except Monday till 15:00 (tel +30 22860 23217)

Santorini museum of minerals and fossils

  • It holds minerals and fossils from Santorini , the rest of Greece and other places in the world. Its located in Perissa, and is open daily till 14:00 (tel +30 6977260048)

Santorini museum of Megaron Gyzi

  • It holds collections of authentic engravings, old manuscripts, paintings and photographs of Santorini. Its located in Fira and is open daily from 10:30 to 13:30 (tel +30 22860 23077)

Santorini wine museum

  • It is located on the main road from Fira to Kamari, and it holds in natural caves instruments of wine producing from the 17th century untill 1960 . A winery is located just on top so you can see how wine is produced today. Open daily from 10:00 to 17:00 (tel +30 22860 31322)

All the museums you can be easily reached with your Santorini rental car. Parking nearby is relatively easy. (Parking lots are free of charge)

The history of Santorini goes back thousands of years. The dramatic volcanic eruption destroyed a bronze age prehistoric civilization and created the myth that this was the famous Lost Atlantis.

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Get familiar with the incredible dramatic history of the island and the walk on the footsteps of the lost civilizations of Thira.

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