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Santorini Port car rental

The port of Santorini is located about 10 klms from Fira and 12 klms from Santorini airport. The port of Santorini unlike many islands, is not a town or village as well. From the port, to go to your hotel, after you arrive with the ferry, you need some transportation. The best thing to do in order not to wait for a long time at Santorini Port, is to rent a car. If you book your Santorini rental car online, we will wait for you at Santorini port when you arrive, and we will deliver the car of your choice.

Santorini main port (Athinios)

Simple as that… With a small extra charge, you can have your rental car delivered, when you get off the boat at Santorini Port. This way your holidays in Santorini, start in the best possible way, without wasting any time, or spending too much money in taxis or last minute transfers. We suggest that you shouldn’t wait till last minute to do your car rental reservation at Santorini Port.

By booking in advance , the car will wait for you without any delays, at Athinios port, Santorini, as you arrive. Put your luggage in the car, and start your holidays in Santorini without worries . At Athinios port of Santorini we deliver all our rental cars with just a very small charge. After we receive your reservation, we ll wait for you, holding a sign with your name. So book your Santorini port rental car online, or just call us, and get low rates and excellent service.

santorini port car rental

Why should I rent a car at Santorini port Athinios?

First of all, a rental car in Santorini, is the best and most economical way to explore the beauties of the island. Santorini has so many amazing places to visit.

When a person refers to Santorini port, probably means the port of Athinios in Santorini. While there is another port on the island, (Fira old port). Athinios is the only port that has a roadway. All ferries and speed boats from other islands or the main land, arrive here.

The old port of Santorini (Fira) is used just by cruise ships. If you arrive in Santorini with a cruise ship, and you have not booked an excursion from your ship, then the tender boats will certainly take you to Fira old port.

So if you are coming to Santorini by ferryboat or speed boat from another island or Athens, Athinios port is where you will arrive.

Where Do You Find Santorini port?

Santorini port, is located in the centre of the island, at the base of the high cliffs of the famous Santorini caldera, just opposite the volcano of Santorini. Coming to the port with the ferryboat is an unforgettable experience, as the visitor can enjoy the spectacular views of the cliffs, created by the biggest volcano eruption in history. On the edge of the high cliffs, you can see the famous white cave houses of Santorini.

The port is located 8 klms from the capital of Fira, and 7 klms from the airport. About 20 boats get here daily from other islands as well as from the main land, during the summer season. At the port you can find a couple of dining restaurants as well as coffee shops, 2 mini markets, and also a souvenir shop.

  • There is public transport connecting the port with Fira (the main town of Santorini), yet however it is very rare, and also whenever there is a bus that is usually very crowded.
  • At the moment there is not a connection between the port and other villages or locations of Santorini. Taxi is not something you should count on. The port is actually tiny, there is limited parking area, as a result only a few taxis can park before the arrival of each ferry. Normally the taxis at the port are already reserved.
  • If you are arriving Santorini by ship, it would certainly be extremely smart to organize your transport to your resort before your arrival. Your resort owner usually has the ability to help you with that.
  • After your holiday in Santorini if you are leaving by boat, you must have sufficient time in order to be at the port in time for your departure. The traffic is usually heavy, and even though the distances in Santorini are small, it may take longer than you estimate to reach to the Santorini port.
  • If you have actually booked your boat ticket online, you need to go to the ferry company office at the port to print your real ticket. That additionally may need some time.
  • If you are planning to rent a car in Santorini, and you arrive by ferry, it would be very practical to pick up your rental car straight at the port. It is in fact the very best option, as this way you do not have to wait for the bus or look for a taxi.
  • If you book your rental car with us, we can have the vehicle all set when you show up, and after a very fast paper work procedure you are ready to go, driving your own rental car. In order to get your car at Athinios port, it is important to make an internet booking. As the parking area is limited, it’s not possible to park cars for last minute reservation.
  • If you decide to rent a car at Santorini port last minute (after your ferry has arrived) you might need to wait even up to 45 mins. An online booking prior arrival makes things much easier. After your booking is confirmed, our people will wait for you at the port, holding a sight with your name, and they’ll supply your car. The entire procedure takes just a couple of mins.
santorini port rent a car


  • Fira 9 klms
  • Oia 20 klms
  • Firostefani 10 klms
  • Imerovigli 12 klms
  • Kamari 9 klms
  • Pyrgos 5 klms
  • Perissa 7 klms
  • Akrotiri 9 klms

Useful phone number

  • Port authority: +30 22860 22239
  • Blue Star Ferries Santorini: +30 22860 22958
  • Sea Jets Santorini: +30 22860 23660.

Useful Tips if you are planning to rent a car straight at Santorini port

If you are driving an automatic car back home, then it’s much better to rent out an automatic car again. The road going uphill from the port is steep, and typically really busy, so an automatic car is a lot easier as well as much safer to drive. For your convenience, book a Santorini rent a car in advance from our online form and save time! Do not miss to check our special offers!

The port has limited parking area

That makes the service of Santorini Port car rental more difficult. It is important that you make your reservation before your arrival. As the road to the port is very busy, we need a lot of time and effort to have the car waiting and ready to go. The limited area at Santorini Athinios port makes it impossible to have many cars there at the same time. Therefore we have the ability to have ready only the cars that are booked and confirmed. And this is one more reason to be sure that you have selected the right type of rental vehicle for your visit on the island. It is extremely difficult to make last minute changes or upgrades to bigger cars, or change a manual for an automatic.

Make sure that you have enough time if you are returning a car at the port and catching a ferry. It is always better to start a little bit earlier.

Be prepared to see a truly crowded area

The port of Santorini is tiny and also there are thousands of visitors getting here on a daily basis. That indicates that occasionally the port gets truly crowded. If you have a booking, ensure you have a phone number to call, simply in case you can not locate the representative

Some more tips

When you make an on the internet booking, is better to point out the name of your boat. By doing this, if there is a delay, the car rental company can obtain details as well as updates for the arrival, and your service will certainly be much better.

If you return your rental car at the port, we suggest to be at the port at least 1 hour prior to the ferry departure.

If you have actually booked on the internet your ferryboat tickets, after you get to the port, you need to go to the ferry company office with your booking number, in order to collect your actual tickets. (important! You can not hop on the ferryboat with simply a reservation code or booking number, you require a real paper ticket given by the ferry company office)

Every ferry company, has an office at the port, which is open 2 hours before every ferry departure.

Our staff at Santorini car rentals would be glad to answer any question you might have.

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