Santorini Pyrgos Car Rental

Santorini Pyrgos Car Rental

Pyrgos village is found in a high location (higher than any other village) in the center of Santorini island. Located at the base of Profitis Elias mountain, offers panoramic views all the way to the sea. A few years ago it was hardly developed, and was mainly a local people’s residence area. This has changed a lot recently with many new modern complexes of luxury villas being built, and many traditional old houses in the main part of the village renovated and used as airBnB’s. The village recently has also become very popular among cruise ship passengers, with groups arriving daily for a few hours. Someone might think that development has side effects that usually changes a places characteristics, and influences the much coveted authenticity, but surprisingly this wasn’t an issue here. On the contrary, what happened is that many abandoned and half destroyed old buildings, were renovated to their original condition, and every little path and alley were reconstructed in the traditional way. Walking along the old part of the village will unveil some sofisticated restaurants and small cafe’s, interesting old churches, and tiny shops selling hand made souvenirs and jewelry. Getting lost here is rather excpected, as the village is built in such a way (like a castle) on purpose, as in the past centuries all the islands suffered pirate raids. Up to now, the name of the old part of Pyrgos is Casteli ( Greek old word for castle ). In the main square of Pyrgos you might even see local farmers with their donkeys (!), selling their products. There is one ATM available, and 2 free parking spaces. It is not allowed to park in the square, as the road is not wide enough.

santorini pyrgos car rental

Santorini Pyrgos rent a car

If your hotel in Santorini is located in the Pyrgos area, you wouldn’t be able to visit many places of Santorini, if you just use local buses. There is a bus every hour to the main town of Fira, and to a couple more villages. But there are so many more places to discover in Santorini! To do so, you would often need to get a taxi, which you would have to call from your hotel. The most economical, flexible and easy solution to go anywhere you need to go, at anytime you prefer would be to rent a car. You could drive your Santorini rental car from Pyrgos to the beaches, to Fira, to Oia, to the archaeological sites, to museums or to anywhere you feel like going. No need to wait for a bus or pay for a taxi.

If you are looking for car rental service in Santorini Pyrgos, we make it very simple, as we can deliver to any hotel in the area, without any additional charges. You can reserve your vehicle online from our website, or you can just give us a call, and we’ll meet you at your hotel. We are able to accept last minute reservations, and according to availability, our delivery time is only 15 minutes! Check our car rental prices, select any model from our fleet, and start to explore the island of Santorini your way. We also offer for free the possibility to return your car in a different location, if that suits you better, such as the post of Santorini, or Santorini airport. Another great way to save money, as in that case it is not necessary to book a transfer for your departure.