Santorini Volcanic Beaches

Santorini Volcanic Beaches

Santorini has different beaches than any other greek island. Volcanic black, white or red, rocks, sand and pebbles, give Santorini beaches a unique beauty and makes a day on the beach an unforgettable experience. All the beaches of Santorini have crystal clear waters.

We'll mention the most important beaches of Santorini, and what they offer.

Santorini red beach

  • Santorini red beach, is certainly the most famous one. Located near Akrotiri, has small red rocks and pebbles, and you need to walk for about 15 minutes in a small path to get there. It offers umbrellas and sunbeds and there are a few small places to get something to drink or eat.

Kamari beach

  • Kamari is a long black sand beach offering umbrellas, beach bars, restaurants, tavernas and water sports.

White beach

  • It is a small amazing beach surrounded by white volcanic rocks. You can get there only by boat, and you should have with you anything you might need, as there is nothing to buy.

Vlychada beach

  • Vlychada is a beautifull black sand beach near the marina of the island. The landscape next to the beach is unique, and its nice to stay there until the sunset. There are a couple of tavernas and a small beach bar nearby, and a few umbrellas.

Theros or Eros Beach

  • It is very near to Vlychada. There is not an asphalt road going there, but only a dirt road. (which is in good condition, and safe to drive). This tiny beach is mostly in front of a beach bar called Theros.

Other beaches of Santorini are: Columbos beach, Monolithos beach, Vourvoulos beach, Mesa Pigadia beach and Katharos beach.

santorini red beach