Santorini Volcano

Santorini Volcano

The famous volcano of Santorini island, in Greece is what gave the island its present shape, after the catastrophic eruption 3.600 years ago. A hugh eruption that has destroyed the island , effected dramatically all nearby islands, said that has destroyed the Minoan civilization in Crete and has inspired the myths of the lost Atlantis. After the hugh eruption, the great volcano collapsed, creating the present Santorini Caldera. ( Caldera means crater ). This is what gives the island this unique, wild beauty, that has inspired over the years so many poets, writers, painters musicians and photographers. The white houses built on the cliffs is a typical Santorini picture. From the edge of the cliffs you can see what is left from the big eruption.

volcano santorini

Volcano of Santorini

The islands of Palea and Nea Kameni (Volcano islands) and Aspronisi. One could (and should ) easily visit these islands with small boats. This way you can walk on an active volcano, and enjoy the view of Santorini island from a unique point of view. Check our santorini tours session to get some ideas, and feel free to contact if you have any questions.

Most people get either picked up from their hotels for these tours, or simply drive their rental car in Santorini port, and start from there.