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Santorini Car Rental Special Offers

Thinking of renting a car in Santorini? Just have a look at our special offers and save more!

Special offers running now:

3. Free pick up and drop off at your location

  • A lot of other companies will charge at least 30 to 50 euro for pick up and drop off the rental car at your location. We provide this service for free. You can pick up and drop off your rental car to your resort or villa, without additional cost (always depending on availability). No additional charge if you prefer to collect or return your Santorini car at your hotel!

4. Free extra driver

  • Other car rental companies will charge 5 to 10 euro daily for extra driver, while this service is for free with us.

5. Free car seat

  • You do not have to pay an extra rate, or a daily rate for child seats here. We provide the child seat that fits your needs without any cost.

7. Athinios Port pick up and drop off

  • Rental Car delivery and return policy at Santorini port! You can collect or drop off your rental car at Santorini Athinios port . Most companies in Santorini do not provide this service at all

8. You do not need a credit card

  • We are maybe the only car rental company that does not require a credit card for car collection. We are very flexible, so you can use any type of debit card instead.

9. A 15% off in any tour around the island

  • If you are planning to have a trip to the volcanic islands, you get 15% off if you are a Santorini car rental client. To get the discount, please contact us at least 4 days in advance for catamaran semi private tours, and at least 2 days in advance for volcano and hot springs boat tours.

Santorini car rental special offers!

This island is among one of the most well-known travelling destinations worldwide. Shaped by a dramatic volcano eruption, with views that can not be found anywhere else. The volcano eruption created a huge crater that eventually was floated with sea water developing the incredible cliffs that Santorini is popular for. This land formation is called caldera.

On the edge of the cliffs there are villages with white cave houses, and blue domed churches, stoned pavements, and countless points with incredible sights to the Aegean sea as well as the volcanic islands.

Santorini is a tiny island, yet with many areas of passion, that you require days to discover.

The volcanic black sand beaches, the popular red beach, the wineries producing the special Santorini white wines, the town of Oia, the capital of Fira, the traditional villages of Pyrgos, Megalochori and Emborio, the archaeological excavation site in Akrotiri, The Monastery of Profitis Ilias, the museums in Fira are simply a few of the places waiting to be discovered by the visitors.

Why you must rent a car in Santorini?

Probably the best means to explore this special island is by renting a Santorini car. A rental car in Santorini provides you the opportunity and also freedom, to head to anywhere you like, at your own pace, without waiting for the local buses.

Especially during the summer season when public transportation is usually crowed. Moreover, without spending for taxis, which can be rather pricey. You can also see locations that buses do not go to.

Renting a car in Santorini can be really practical, as you can have the adaptability to make your very own daily timetable, and also transform your plans along the way if you feel like it, or pull over to an attractive place to get some photos.

Driving a rented car is additionally a great deal more comfy, and also fun than other forms of transport, plus a real cash saver. It is 10 times less costly than having a private car with a driver, and also way less costly than using taxis.
The cost for renting a Santorini car can also be more affordable than making use of the general public buses, if you want to visit 2 or 3 different places on the same day.

Our company can supply special offers for your car rental in Santorini, that can minimize much more our currently low prices

Enjoy your holiday in Santorini 100%! Conserve money by taking advantage of our webpages’ special offers, for your Santorini rent a car. We can deliver and pick our cars from Santorini port, Santorini airport terminal, or any other place.

Make an early book for Santorini rent a car and save more!

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