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shall we have a look at the terms and conditions for your Car rental in Santorini ?

we also mention a few things about our privacy policy


privacy policy

when you reserve a car with any company, a few personal details are required

Drivers licence type and country of issue, the age of the driver, the name of the place that you will stay in Santorini, clients email, and phone number are the most common information you have to provide to the rental company. We make sure that your personal details are safe. We ll never use your email or phone number in any promotion campaigns, and we ll only use it to help you with your car rental in Santorini, and provide the better service possible.

terms and conditions for your car rental in Santorini

a valid drivers licence is required. The licence must be valid for at least one year. Please note that local authorities do not accept drivers licence copies.

For non E.U. citizens an International driving permit is required

driver must be at least 23 years old, drivers younger than 23 might still be able to rent from us spesific models. For more details please contact our office

on car collection, a credit card number for guarantee purposes is required ( in case you are not a credit card holder please contact our office before proceeding to reservation to look for possible solution )

payment types : cash, any foreign currency accepted from the bank of Greece, visa, master card, am.ex.,we also accept payments via paypal and bank transfers

always drive within speed limit

driving off road and on the beach is prohibited.

never drink and drive

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