The Best Car Rental Booking Season in Santorini 2020


The Best Car Rental Booking Season in Santorini 2020

January 16, 2020

Vacation usually start in mid summer season for all working people. We all wish we could choose the period we want to travel to a place, especially Santorini, to be able to book at a low price, hotels. Of course renting a car in Santorini is necessary to get the chance to visit as many places as possible. Let’s hope in 2020 our boss will ask us first!

Which season is better for renting a car in Santorini?

  • High Season (late June to early September): Hot, bright climate with lots of people– yet never so many that it’s unenjoyable. Prices are at their top. Salt water at its hottest and ideal for swimming. Ferryboats and trips keep up the best regularity. If you’re in Greece for the night life after that this is the moment to check out.
  • Best Car Rental Season (May and also June, September and October): Great weather. Warm and cosy however not blazingly warm like the summer season. Visitors are numerous but it’s never ever crowded. Every little thing is open as well as ferries are running almost all of their paths. The sea may not be warm enough for swimming in May as well as October.
  • Low Season (November to April): Santorini is getting increasingly popular in the winter season. It can be a good time to see the views and also save money however weather-wise be gotten ready for anything. This is wintertime which indicates grey skies, amazing weather condition, as well as some rainfall are possible on any kind of day. Several resorts as well as restaurants are closed yet even more are staying open annually as winter travel rises. Fira is the most sensible area to remain in the off-season as it has one of the most open. Ferryboats and also flights have actually limited schedules though there’ll go to the very least one ferry a day and also a number of trips going to as well as from Athens.

Can I rent a car in Santorini and visit all the beaches?

The weather is unpredictable… I know! But most of would rather know the weather conditions Santorini has. Visiting the famous beaches by a rented car is the best option. It does not matter whether it is summer or winter, the view and the emotion is indescribable.

The most effective beach weather on Santorini is from June to September. July as well as August are the busiest months when resorts are full and also dining establishments are crowded. If you’re a lot more interested in taking in the sights, trekking, and great views then March, April, May, October, and also November are terrific months to see.

Let’s see all the months as statistics show

Santorini in January

  • Damp, cool, and also gusty (by Santorini requirements). January is the rainiest month as well as among the chilliest. The island is quiet with couple of visitors however neighbourhood life hums along at a pleasant speed. Several dining establishments and resorts are closed however you will constantly be able to locate something open in Oia and Fira. The beach towns are totally closed down. (Average Max Temperature: 14 ° C. Average Rainfall: 42mm.).

Santorini in February

  • Much like January. February is Santorini’s chilliest month. There is a little less rainfall than December and January (Average Max Temperature: 14 ° C. Average Rainfall: 35mm.).

Santorini in March

  • A recognizable change takes place in March from the previous 3 months. There is less rainfall, more sun, and warmer temperature levels. This can be a nice time to go to for walkers as well as tourists but site visitors should pack for some rainfall as well as cool nights. By the end of March, the majority of resorts as well as dining establishments are open. (Average Max Temperature: 16 ° C. Average Rainfall: 32mm.).

Santorini in April

  • A fantastic month for hiking, sightseeing and tour, and also touring the wineries. On warm years it’s feasible to have a couple of coastline days at the end of the month. (Average Max Temperature: 19 ° C. Average Rainfall: 12mm.).

Santorini in May

  • There’s a large difference in between very early May (when great cloudy days can still prevail) and late May (when the days are continually bright and also warm). May is the month when the beach towns dust off the cobwebs and open for service. (Average Max Temperature: 22 ° C. Average Rainfall: 7mm.).

Santorini in June

  • June is a warm bright month as well as the beginning of beach period when travelers get here in multitudes. (Average Max Temperature: 26 ° C. Average Rainfall: 0.3 mm.).

July Weather on Santorini

  • Hot and also sunny. Together With August July is the busiest month on Santorini. Book rooms at the very least 3 months beforehand for July visits– 6 months in advance for high-end hotels. (Average Max Temperature: 27 ° C. Average Rainfall: 0.9 mm.).

Santorini in August

  • Hot and also warm with periodic strong winds (called the Meltemi) that can terminate ferries as well as catamarans. Book rooms a minimum of 3 months beforehand for August brows through– 6 months ahead of time for luxury resorts. (Average Max Temperature: 27 ° C. Average Rainfall: 0.4 mm.).

Santorini in September

  • Hot and bright but cooling down a little from August. The climate resembles June however the water temperature level is warmer as it warms over the summer season. Winds have died down. September is the best month to see Santorini. Hotels are still really busy as well as can be fully booked months ahead of time. (Average Max Temperature: 25 ° C. Average Rainfall: 6mm.).

Santorini in October

  • October is similar to May yet the weather condition is moving in the opposite direction. There is usually a large distinction in between very early October (when days can be hot and also warm) and also late October– when you can have some cool over cast days as well as check outs to the beach seem a distant memory. (Average Max Temperature: 22 ° C. Average Rainfall: 18mm.).

Santorini in November

  • The awesome and over cast days of wintertime arrive in November. Early November can still obtain warm days when a see to the beach could be possible. Many luxury hotels are nearby late November. Oia as well as Fira remain reasonably active up until the final cruise liner of the period makes its go to (usually in late November). (Average Max Temperature: 18 ° C. Average Rainfall: 44mm.).

Santorini in December

  • Be prepared for great, cloudy, and also rainy, though there are commonly stretches of clear skies as well as warm days. Fira is the hub of the majority of activity throughout the winter as most other communities are shut down. Oia will certainly have numerous resorts and at the very least a couple of restaurants and also markets open. (Average Max Temperature: 15 ° C. Average Rainfall: 46mm.).

When To Book Santorini Hotels?

When to book Santorini vacations? Santorini hotels get scheduled very early. The greatest resorts can be totally scheduled 4 to 6 months in advance. Book the resorts listed here particularly very early– and twice as so if going to in July, August, or very early September. Do not forget that you can also book a rented car and ask to pick it up from Santorini port, or Santorini airport, or just be there at your hotel waiting for you when you arrive on the island.

How many days do I need to spend in Santorini?

You require 2 to 3 days minimal to get a feel for the island, see the top tourist attractions, do a wine or boat scenic tour, experience the sunset from a couple of different locations, as well as try several of the island’s great restaurants. You could quickly fill a week with lengthy walks, swimming and sunbathing, and also much more trips with your rented car, dining establishments, night life, as well as dance. If you have more than a week in Greece then I ‘d encourage you to invest 7 days on Santorini and then take a trip to a different island. You ‘d likely experience even more by seeing Naxos, Paros, Ios, Mykonos, Crete, or Rhodes than remaining in Santorini momentarily week.

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