Use your debit card for your car rental in Santorini!

Use your debit card for your car rental in Santorini!

March 9, 2021

Hello ! as you probably know already, most companies require a credit card for your rentals. Well, Santorini car rental without credit card is now available! Just use your debit card for your car rental in Santorini.

As from this year, if you choose us, for your car rental in Santorini, you can use your debit card as well ! We have realised that some of our clients either don’t have a credit card, or feel more comfortable using their debit cards instead. Well ..problem solved ! 🙂 The rental procedure this way is so much faster. The car is delivered and you are ready to go in just a few minutes. We are sure you have better things to do in Santorini than filling papers…

Good news continue, as we do much more than that. We have literally made Santorini rent a car as easy as it gets.

ATTENTION!! what many visitors do not know!

Many big portals advertise that they do not need a credit card, but when it’s time to collect the vehicle they will ask for up to 1.850 euro in cash or as a precharged amount in your debit card as a security deposit! Failure to do so will get your reservation cancelled and your money is lost! We have seen people paying 20 to 40 euro extra per day, than the arranged rate, so they can get a better insurance and finally get their car. Even then, after paying for the best insurance available, they have to leave at least 400 euro as a security deposit!

But this is what other companies do..

How we help you solve problems like that:

Simply by not charging any security deposit! Regardless the insurance option that you choose. There is not any amount getting blocked on your card, and in case you have a debit card, there is not any amount charged for security purposes.

Rent a car in Santorini without credit card is finally possible

A big issue in the past for many travelers is not a reason anymore to lack the freedom, flexibility and economy car hire offers. Be sure to check our really low prices, and get advantaged among others from our free Airport and port pick up and drop off service.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding this topic, or any questions at all ! 🙂