What Car Should You Rent on Santorini Island

What Car Should You Rent on Santorini Island

December 4, 2019

Can’t wait for the holidays to start! Whatever season it is, Santorini is always the top destination for most people. Since you have arranged everything from Santorini hotels and tickets to what you can take with you… Now, you have to decide what kind of car to rent in Santorini.

You must not let anything ruin your peaceful vacations. You will rent a car from Santorini Car Rentals… and everything will be perfect. Choose the car that suits best your preferences.

Santorini Vacation Rental Car Guide

You’ve thought about it all before. When you get to the island you will go to Santorini rent-a-car and ask for a small and economical car, or book it in advance! Get in and go with your friends to every dreamy beach you saw on the Internet. Only when you get there does the island of Santorini surprise you that much. What you didn’t think about, because you just didn’t know it, is that in order to rent a car you have to be 21 years old.

Even though the above does not affect you because you have reached this age there are many other things to know about renting a car in order to prevent unpleasant surprises that can ruin the magic and tranquility of the holidays.

Here are 6 things to know about car hire:

There are many thing to take into consideration while choosing a car to rent in Santorini island. Keep in mind the purpose of use! Do you want to visit all sightseeings? Visit the beaches? Go to all the small villages? It all depends of the kind of holidays you want to have.

1. How long is the rental car time?

  • Rental time is calculated from pick up time to car return time. So you must keep it in the prearranged time, so as not to be charged more.

    If you try to rent a car online you will find that most people want to specify not only the day but also the time to rent it. Ask the agent to specify the details of the booking and everything will go as planned.

2. Is it expensive to book at the airport?

  • In other companies airport pickup is more expensive. It may be worth moving to another way to the nearest pick-up point. In Santorini Car Rental we do not charge extra for airport or port booking.

3. Will anyone be at the meeting point?

  • You receive the car in the presence of an employee who usually informs you about the way the car is operated, insurance coverage, the contract you have signed and the petrol tank.

    At the end of the rental, you in turn hand it over to an employee who carries out the necessary checks for damage, gasoline, etc.

4. What happens with the gas in the rental car?

  • The basic rule of car hire is that you deliver the car with gasoline at the original level. If you received it full, you should return it and full. If you think about it, it serves both sides.

    There are gas stations near every big city, and both the airport and the port of Santorini. You can ask before booking what the company’s strategy is and how they work.

5. Do I leave my documents to the rental company?

  • It is forbidden to keep your personal documents (ID, passport, etc.) while renting. You can keep only copies from your documents with you.

    Most companies keep your documents for their own safety. It is a way to secure that both sides will keep what is agreed between you and them.

6. When do I have to leave the rented car?

  • The vehicle must be returned at pre-agreed time. Alternatively, you should be ready to cover the difference. Anyway, you should arrange in advance the location and the time you want to leave the rental car. It is best to follow the agreement or else you will be charged extra.

    In any case, since your and your passengers’ safety is above all else, you should check all the parameters to ensure the safety of the vehicle (latest service, engine oils, tires, brakes, etc.) before taking the car.

    So now that you have learned the basics of renting a car in Santorini, you can erase one more thing from your to-do holiday list and head out for the most enjoyable and carefree vacation!

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