What to look out for when you rent a car in Santorini


What to look out for when you rent a car in Santorini

March 6, 2021

Guidelines and advice for car rental in Santorini

Guidelines and advice for car rental in Santorini

Truly, renting a vehicle in Santorini is the maximum convenient way to journey around and spot the splendor that it has to offer. Thrilling archaeological sites, picturesque villages and delightful beaches, are only a few of the islands must see places.

Policies on automobile rentals

  • Right here are a number of crucial guidelines you might want to recognize prior renting your car in Santorini. After all when it comes to traveling, tips highlights and suggestions are never too many! Other travelers experiences and official information are the key to a worries free vacation. Sometimes websites and portals by trying to make reservations as fast as possible, hide some very important policies in really small letters. As a result many guests have no clue about these requirements till their arrival. That can be really frustrating!

Age of drivers in automobile rental

  • The legal age to rent a automobile in Greece is 23-70 years, or in some cases 21 to 72 years. That basically depends 100% on insurance companies policy, therefore can slightly change from year to year. Υou must have either a European or global driver’s license and feature as a minimum one year of using revel in. You might want to check if you need an International driver’s permit prior your arrival ( as, in case it’s required, you can only get one from your country ). European licenses are accepted as they are, while for example visitors from Australia need also an I.D.P.
    You can easily check that by contacting either your embassy’s website, or the car rental company you plan booking with.

Coverage on rental vehicles in Santorini

  • Most automobile rentals in Santorini provide limitless mileage and collision damage waiver coverage in case of an accident. At the collection of the car, or during the reservation process, drivers can ask for an extra coverage or entire waiver of any damage, if they wish. If you want an advice in this concern, we would say: better to take a few photos of the automobile and notice all visible scratches or damage to the automobile to the rental consultant. This manner, you could prove that none of these damages had been resulting from you and they were there while you rented the automobile. Another suggestion here, is to get the best insurance available from the rentals desk, or add travel insurance to your credit card options, that includes rental vehicles.

Ask for extras in time!

  • While booking a car in Santorini, be sure to ask for a few extra things you may want. As an instance, if you want a gps or a baby seat, make sure the rental company has been knowledgeable of this. Due to the fact all the rental vehicles do no longer have such extra capabilities you have to ask for them at some point, so they can be available at pick up. An important notice is that if you prefer to have an automatic gearbox, that has to be selected during the booking, as if you mention it last minute, there is a big possibility that there won’t be one available.
    Driving a familiar type transmission (standard or automatic) is highly recommended mainly for safety reasons.

Credit cards / Guarantee security deposits

  • Make sure that you have checked if you need to pay a security deposit until the return of the vehicle. Also if you need to own and present a credit card as a driver. In certain occasions amounts up to 1.800 euro are being held till the car returns! (usually that comes with a suspiciously low price). Failoure to provide so, might end up in a booking cancellation and refund denial. Here it would be useful to underline that with us, that is not an issue, as our policies do not include credit card and security deposit demands.

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