Weather is amazing in Santorini!



Weather is amazing in Santorini!

December 15, 2015 helps you with your rental car service on Santorini island Greece!

How is the weather in Santorini?

The weather in Santorini can be described as dry in summer and mild in winter. The climate of Santorini is due to its geographical location: Santorini is located in the South Aegean, in the Cyclades Sea.

The mild climate of Santorini throughout the year makes it the perfect place for a break in Greece.

Weather is amazing in Santorini!

How is the weather in Santorini in winter?

  • The summer in Santorini lasts from May to October. Santorini, like the other islands in the Cyclades, does not have much rainfall and the sunshine lasts 12 hours daily. Individual rainfalls can occur, but even when it is raining in summer, the sun is rarely interrupted.

    Temperatures range between 22.5 and 30ºC at the peak of the dry season in July. The temperature drops after sunset, bringing coolness to the summer nights.

How is the weather in Santorini in winter?

  • During the winter months in Santorini, (from November to April) we have the following season that is characterized as “wet“, simply because the rains increase significantly compared to summer. And while it is likely to rain all the time for a week, the days are still sunny. The rainiest months in Santorini are January and February.

    During the wet season, the temperature ranges from 10 to 18 ° C, while in the evening the temperature drops lower. Ice and snow are non-existent in Santorini.

Santorini, perfect holiday weather

  • With sunny days and mild weather, Santorini is a blessed island. Its beauty and sunny weather in Santorini are making thousands of people visit it all year round from every corner of the Earth.

    For Santorini, however, the tourist season is not strictly limited to the summer months. “The cruise is until December and all stores are open until 15 November. Basically the winter season is December – January – February, “he explains. It seems, in fact, that it has become one of the last years to attract tourism even in winter, although “this year has not been as good as last year,” he says.

Winter in Santorini is a village life

  • So where does Santorini live in the winter? Life seems to be moving to villages in the interior of the island. “In Mesaria everything is open. There are also people who work on the island, as well as locals, who create a local market. There you will find cafes with elderly people playing cards…

    Winter life here is more village life. In Fira after 11 pm you don’t even find cigarettes. Not even a supermarket is good, ”Mr. Dimitris explains.

The nationalities of winter tourists

  • Avoiding the talk of the winter months in Santorini, we asked him if he saw Greek customers in the store. He was categorical: “98% of turnover comes from tourists. The Greeks (tourists) have disappeared. ” What about the nationalities that leave the most money?”

    Far from it, Americans come first. They come and leave money! There are also Russians who pay cash. Australians, Englishmen and Indians are still good customers. ” At the door of the shop, of course, there is a sign … in Chinese. Asking about it, the conversation returns to the current season: “The Chinese are many in the winter. Australians are also coming a lot this season.”

    Although Santorini is a popular summer destination, Santorini Spring is a magical time to be on the island, and just as nature awakens, so will Santorini awaken all your senses.

    For those who are not used to spring breaks, and especially if the destination is purely summer, they may have many different emotions before deciding to spend their vacation in Santorini in the spring.

    Clearly a visit to Santorini is always a magical experience, the beauty of the island and watching the sunset over the cliffs, irrespective of the season. If you are not comfortable with the crowds or just want to relax away from the crowds that the island attracts in the summer, then planning your Spring break is a great choice!

Why you should visit Santorini in spring?

  • The pace in Santorini in the spring is slower. So its sophistication, luxury as well as its cosmopolitan style will be presented in front of you all over the place, without being affected by crowds and hustle and bustle.

    The tourist season begins around Easter every year and mainly Greeks and European visitors begin arriving on the island.The Easter season usually fills the island with Greek visitors who find it possible to spend the religious holiday in the many churches of Santorini. Temperatures are mild, ranging between 20 and 27 degrees in the spring months.

    Although the water may still be a bit cold you can swim but apart from the beach time, you will find that the weather is perfect for sightseeing. Be sure to bring something warm for cool nights.

    Spring everywhere means beauty in nature. In Santorini this concept is taken to another level. The deep blue of the caldera is more charming and captivating than ever and blends in with the spring colours that bloom on the high cliffs. There, in the face of this miracle of nature, one realizes that Santorini is not just a summer destination.

    The clear sky, the serene sea, the volcanic landscape, the enchanting Caldera. These are just a few of the features that make Santorini one of the best destinations in the world in the spring. As for the famous sunset, it is a must see at least once in your life, regardless of the time you visit Santorini.

In spring it is more relaxed pace and less crowded

  • Santorini in spring offers various activities that you should not miss. Hiking is an amazing experience, striking by the intoxicating aromas of spring blooming flowers, the spectacular atmosphere and the deep blue of the sea in the foreground.

    There are various hiking trails that are ideal for nature lovers but also for those who want to enjoy the uniqueness of Santorini with its picturesque villages and locations. Spring with its mild temperatures makes hiking these trails a real pleasure, which will surely make it hard to live in the summer months when the temperature is much warmer.

    Popular sites in Santorini, such as Ancient Thira and Akrotiri, will make you see the colors of spring projected next to the remnants of the island’s ancient civilization, creating a unique setting.

    Gastronomically, spring in Santorini is exciting! Some of the most delectable dishes of the Santorini cuisine are made with fresh spring vegetables!

Weather in Santorini in Spring

  • Basically, the main reasons you should plan your visit to Santorini in the spring are as follows:
    Weather in Santorini in Spring

    The Greek sky is bright and clear while the first warm rays of spring light give Santorini a different, unique beauty. The temperature is pleasant and the weather is perfect for walks.

Easter in Santorini

  • The holiday is religious, but that does not mean that someone who is not close to religion has no reason to be on the island during Easter. At Easter in Greece and Santorini you will see all the local traditions and the unique experience of local food.

    Santorini has exciting customs, such as lighting thousands of lanterns, following the Epitaph, making the island look enlightened!

Colours and flowers of spring

  • Santorini is full of colours in the spring, a colourful maze of flowers blooming on the rocks and their colors playing with the blue of the sea!

Walks in Santorini

  • Those who choose spring versus summer will feel justified by the famous and comfortable strolls they enjoy in Santorini. Before the influx of summer travelers arrives, you will feel like you have the whole island to yourself!

    You will discover every little corner of the cobblestone streets and relax while watching the sunset. In addition, hotels and flights are cheaper in the spring.

Gastronomy in Santorini

  • Products like fruits, vegetables and local seafood are at their best, while the gastronomic tradition of Santorini is great for combining them to create delicious wonders!

    Spring is a great time to visit Greece and especially Santorini, just before the summer tourist season begins. The Makris Hotel is open in the Spring and accepts guest bookings with many attractive offers!

    So does Santorini Car Rental… do not miss the special offers they have during spring!

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