lounches new models!!


ΔΕΣ ΤΙΜΕΣ launches new models!!

December 15, 2015 is a responsible Santorini rental car company who aims to make your holidays in Santorini more comfortable and easy. Your safe travel is the most important thing that matters to us. That is why we launch new models!

Our new models are all kinds of rental cars. Automatic and manual cars, convertibles, minibuses, economy cars, family cars, jeeps and many more. launches new models!!

5 Things You Should Know About Car Rental!

Renting a car is a fairly common – and if at all convenient – way that one can spend their summer vacation, especially when the destination is on an island.

Especially this year, as most will be looking for the most economical solution for their pockets, the way in which we secure our transportation is quite important. But what’s the point? Rent a car or use ours? The answer to the above questions is not specific and depends on many factors.

Car research shows that renting a car is more advantageous if the vacation is a few days away.

1. The details make the difference

  • It is advisable, before picking up the vehicle that you have agreed to, to visually inspect the car and to report any damage we may detect (the same is true in the event of a technical problem while driving).

    At the same time in the event of a malfunction due to misuse of the vehicle, the vehicle user bears the responsibility, as well as in the case of infringements of the Road Traffic Code, where in this case the driver is fined.

    Lastly, agree first on the amount of gasoline the car will need to return, as well as whether there is a limit on the miles you drive.

2. Find the cheapest rental car

  • Car hire is a fairly simplified process that can be done online. launches new models! In any case, do a thorough market research to get the best price possible. Once you have reached your final choice, ask for the terms of the contract before you sign it.

    You should also be aware the delivery or pick-up of the car at specific locations (airports or ports). Pay attention to the use of additional equipment, such as child seats, are charged extra.

    Finally, in most cases, car rental transactions are carried out by credit card, which holds a sum secured as a second year release or set off.

3. Rent a Santorini new car model safely

  • Fully clarify the terms included in the insurance policy. In all cases, the Santorini rental company is obliged to provide you with compulsory insurance coverage, and in the case of mixed insurance you may be required an extra amount of money.

    In addition, you should be aware that in any unforeseen event, the car user bears the responsibility, for example in causing an accident under the influence of alcohol. It is also necessary to declare the details of all persons driving the car.

4. Pay attention to the company you are going to rent a Santorini car

  • Of course, due to the numerous islands in our country, there are a number of car rental companies operating. Some of them are branches of large companies, while others are local. Rental executives emphasize that consumers should pay particular attention to companies that do not belong to the network of well-known brands.

    In many cases car models that do not have the necessary insurance coverage or are in poor condition. Finally, you should be aware that all car rental companies operate under the supervision of EOT (Hellenic Tourism Organization) and belong to the Association of Tourism Car Hire Companies (STEEA).

    Note that launches new models this year.

    Currently, the official car rental agencies – members of STEEA – in our country number around 2,500. You are aware that the rental driver must be over 21 or 23 years of age and have a driving license for at least one year.

5. Will I enjoy renting a new car model in Santorini?

  • In order to determine if and how much you need it, make a comparison. Compare it to how much your ferry ticket costs (car return only), with the ferry line.

    Based on our research, we found that renting a mini model for 5 days in Santorini requires around €100. This is less than taking yours with you.

    However, you should keep in mind that when renting a car, you avoid causing damage to your own car. So the original cash difference is actually substantially reduced. Of course, as you understand, using your own car is more advantageous if you are going to have long holidays.

Keep your e-booking confirmation email for some time so that you will not experience any extra charges. Do not forget to take a look at the special offers Santorini Car Rental offers you on the new launched models.

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